New Science Dog Webinar!

Greetings Science Dog Followers,

I am pleased to announce that the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is sponsoring a new Science Dog webinar.

“Canine Athlete or Couch Potato? Feeding Dogs to Meet Their Exercise Needs”

Date: Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Time: 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Fee: $19.95

Presenter: Linda P. Case (aka “The Science Dog”)

Description: This seminar begins with an examination of the prevalence of canine obesity, its associated health problems, and the importance of both diet and exercise in keeping dogs fit and healthy. We then review several types of dog sports and activities, including forms of exercise that owners participate in with their dogs. This section of the seminar includes an examination of the ways that exercise duration, intensity, and frequency impact a dog’s metabolism and nutrient needs along with comparisons of the differences between endurance and sprint activities. Specific feeding management for dogs with different activity levels and lifestyles will be discussed.

In the second half of the seminar, we examine a variety of dog foods that are formulated and marketed as weight management diets and as performance diets. Attendees will learn to identify nutrient matrices that best match a dog’s activity level and/or weight management needs and to compare and contrast commercial performance diets and diets designed to manage weight. Attendees will complete the seminar with a deeper understanding of the importance of nutrition and feeding management in maintaining a dog’s optimal weight and condition and how to select food that best fits the needs of the canine athlete, weekend warrior, or couch potato.

Note: A recorded version will be available in all registrants for ~ 72 hours after the live presentation.  Please see the FDSA’s FAQ page for additional information.

Questions? Feel welcome to comment below or email me at



One thought on “New Science Dog Webinar!

  1. I wrote a nice comment, the gist of which is that I don’t learn well via webinars and hoping you would continue blogging. Then I tried to post it but it was lost in the “fill in details” form below. This is try #2


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